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Vote Yes On Proposition 478 & 479

The August 4, 2020 election includes Proposition 478 and 479. These propositions are fully described in the Election 2020 Publicity Pamphlet. The following is a brief description of each proposition.

Proposition 478-Make Marana 2040 General Plan

Marana is required to adopt a new General Plan every 10 years. The Make Marana 2040 General Plan (General Plan) is a long-term (20 years) planning document utilized by Marana as a guide when considering future development.

Almost one year ago, we discovered that the Tortolita Preserve had been removed from the General Plan. A short time later we learned that the Tortolita Preserve was to be reconfigured and rezoned. All too coincidental and the Tortolita Alliance was born.

Thanks to the strong support TA members, we were successful in getting the Tortolita Preserve placed back into the General Plan and the scheme to reconfigure and rezone the Tortolita Preserve was abandoned.

TA recommends that you vote "YES" for ratification of the General Plan.

Proposition 479-Alternative Expenditure Limitation-Home Rule

This is a proposal by Marana to utilize an Alternative Expenditure Limitation (AEL) or Home Rule for the next four years. Without this AEL, Marana would only be able to spend $75.8 million in FY22 under a state-mandated formula. With AEL, the allowable expenditure would be $139.5 million.

It is impractical for Marana to function properly under the state-mandated formula.

TA recommends that you vote "YES" for establishing the AEL.


These two propositions will be on August 4 ballot. Mail-In Ballots should be returned as soon as possible.


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