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Water Woes XXIII-H2O Medley

The following is a medley of recent H2O developments with the Colorado River, Marana Water and Tucson Water.


New-Colorado River Conservation Plan-Lower Basin States

The Lower Basin States (Arizona, California and Nevada) have proposed a 3.0 million acre-feet (maf) Colorado River water conservation plan to occur over the three year period (2024-2026) in lieu of the previously proposed SEIS shortage volume reductions as reported in Water Woes-XXI and Water Woes-XXII. The United State Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) has temporarily suspended the SEIS comment period while this proposal is analyzed. It is not clear how much each state will conserve or if the Upper Basin States have signed off on this. Stayed tuned as we analyze this new development. Preliminary review indicates this is proposal is inadequate to restore the Colorado River system.

Marana Water DAWS Modification Update

TA has filed a third Public Records Request (PRR) with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) regarding Marana Water's (MW's) Designation of Assured Water Supply (DAWS) Modification. Go to TA's Marana DAWS website tab for prior blogs.

MW filed for the DAWS Modification on 5/18/22 and has received two deficiency letters. TA has just received MW's responses to Deficiency Notice #2 from ADWR and in discussions with ADWR staff, additional deficiency letters are likely and a final determination is months away. TA will continue to monitor and keep everyone posted of any new developments.

Tucson Water-One Water 2100 Plan-Public Comment Period

Tucson Water has published its One Water 2100 Plan for public comment. Comments are due by July 21. You can go to the One Water 2100 Plan website to review the plan and file comments on-line.

TA will be issuing a letter to Tucson Water with comments that will mirror those in TA's Tucson Water-One Water 2100 Analysis blog. TA will publish the letter on this website when finalized.


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