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Water Woes XXIX-Monsoon Outlook & Colorado River Conditions

Post Monsoon Storm-Double Rainbow-Tortolita Preserve (8/28/21)


Monsoon 2024

The monsoon season extends from June 15 through September 30. The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting below normal precipitation for the 2024 monsoon season. View this excellent NWS video to learn more about the 2024 monsoon season prognoisis.

Colorado River Conditions


Snowpack in the Colorado River Basin (4/16/24) is 15.1" SWE which is 101% above the normal 15.0" SWE.

Runoff should be normal for 2024.

Reservoir Storage

Lake Mead (4/28/23) is at 37% capacity and Lake Powell is at 33% capacity. There is little change from our last report (4/6/24-data).

Shortage Status

The Colorado System remains in a Tier 1 shortage for 2024 and is still projected to remain in Tier 1 for 2025.


Next Up: Report On Marana Water Open House (5/29/30)


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