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Water Woes XXVIII-Water Info Now Flowing

Snoqualmie Falls-Snoqualmie, WA (4/28/24)


On a recent visit with my grandchildren in North Bend, WA, I took them over to Snoqualmie Falls on the Snoqualmie River. As you can see in the lead photo, the water was flowing nicely with the recent rains and snowmelt. The same appears to be finally happening with local water information. Here is some of the latest news and an invite to a Marana Water public workshop.


WIFA Water Conservation Grant

Marana Water's recently approved Designated Assured Water Supply (DAWS) has a water supply portfolio that includes 72% from groundwater sources. Therefore, it is imperative that Marana secure long-term renewable water resources to reduce dependence on groundwater that must be replenished by the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD). Water conservation is one means to reduce water demand and in turn reduce the need for additional water supply.

Accordingly, Marana Water applied for and received a Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) Water Conservation Grant and recently requested the Town Council to approve a grant-required Water Conservation Rebates Policy.

TA supports the WIFA Water Conservation Grant and the proposed Water Conservation Rebates Policy and provided a supporting letter and requested that the rebate program include weather-based irrigation controllers and hot water heater recirculation pumps.

Marana-Item A2-Resolution 2024-042-Water Conservation Rebates Policy-TA Comment Letter-5-5
Download • 162KB


Marana Water Open House (5/29/24): Waterproof Futures:Strategies For Assured Water Supply Designation

The lack of transparency by local and state agencies during Marana Water's Designated Assured Water Supply (DAWS) Modification Application (2-year process) was brought forward by TA as a major concern. TA had to file 10+ Public Records Requests (PRRs) to get the information on this important application! In fact, TA's Letter (2/28/24) ADWR Decisions On Objections & Draft Decision & Order referenced this transparency concern and TA Request No. 3 appealed to Marana Water to conduct 3 public workshops regarding this DAWS Modification and any future modifications.

I am pleased to report that Marana Water has responded positively to TA Request No. 3 and will be holding a public workshop (open house) entitled Waterproof Futures:Strategies For Assured Water Supply Designation on Wednesday, 5/29/24 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Marana Police Department Community Room, Marana Municipal Complex, 11555 W. Civic Center Drive, Marana, AZ 85653.

This is our opportunity to learn more about the DAWS Modification and ask questions. Please attend if you can.

TA Letter-ADWR-Marana DAWS-Objections-Draft Decision-Order-2-29-24
Download PDF • 662KB


USEPA Visits Marana To Discuss Forever Chemicals (PFAS & 1,4-Dioxane)

On May 2, representatives from the United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) visited Marana along with other local officials to discuss the impact of forever chemicals (PFAS & 1,4-Dioxane) to our local aquifers and water systems. Click for Marana News Article. Marana Water has already built two water treatment facilities to remove these compounds and apparently additional water treatment plants will be required at other locations to meet the new USEPA water quality standards for PFAS & 1,4-Dioxane.

Perhaps we can find out more at the 5/29/24 public workshop including the exact source of these forever chemicals and what is being done to go after the polluters and clean-up the aquifer.

Global Water Resources To Acquire Seven (7) Small Water Systems From Tucson Water

A 5/7/24 GlobeNewswire press release entitled, Global Water Resources to Acquire Seven Water Systems from Tucson Water, Adding 2,200 Customer Connections discusses the impending transaction by Global Water Resources to purchase 7 small non-contiguous water systems from Tucson Water.

The cost to operate, maintain and potentially integrate small isolated water systems is tremendous as many of these systems have huge infrastructure needs. Unloading these small systems makes sense from Tucson Water's perspective but one has to wonder why Global Water Resources is making the acquisitions. I wonder if Marana Water has considered unloading some of its small isolated water systems?


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