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Dove Mountain Development Status November 2021

Tortolita Preserve At Sunrise


Dove Mountain Development 101

In June 2021, TA published a Dove Mountain Development Status blog that included a section called Dove Mountain Development 101. This gave the history of the Dove Mountain Specific Plan and the various subdivision types, HOAs and organizations. You may want to read that blog as a refresher.

Since June, there has been a plethora of development activity. The following serves as an update.


Development Status

Marana Development Statistics

Marana Development Services has historically published detailed lot information as part of its Subdivision Activity Report on the Marana website. Those details include approved lots, permitted lots and vacant lots by region. The detailed report is not currently available so we will repeat the June data here. In June, Dove Mountain had the following statistics:

  • Approved Lots-5,611

  • Vacant Lots (permitted but home not complete)-499

Remember that the DM Specific Plan allows up to 9,157 lots. Therefore, as of June, Dove Mountain was only 61% (5,611/9,157) built-out. With all the new activity cited below--is Dove Mountain must be close to build-out?

Dove Mountain Development Status Update

Los Saguaros-Lots 134-239-this project is located between Del Webb Dove Mountain and TP. Site Grading underway.

Saguaro Forest Apartments-this parcel is located south of the roundabout. It is zoned for apartments but there is No Activity.

Boulder Bridge Pass III-Fairfield Homes-approved for 70 lots and is under Construction.

Tortolita Ridge-approved for 32 lots and is under Construction.

Tortolita 30-approved for 82 lots. Site Grading underway. A roundabout at Moore Rd and Tortolita Road is a condition of the approval but no plans for this roundabout are available.

Tapestry-this project is located to the east of the Highlands and is approved for 670 lots. This project has some major infrastructure issues including a bridge across a drainage area. Note this project has its own specific plan. There is No Activity.

Saguaro Reserve I & II- located at the western end of Dove Mountain Blvd. In June, TA reported that a 100' right-of-way was included on the Phase I final plat for a proposed extension of Dove Mountain Boulevard. Phase I (173 lots) is currently being graded. This is where the famous picture was taken of the saguaro being toppled by a bulldozer. Now we learn that Phase II (292 lots) is at the preliminary plat stage. See preliminary plat (right). When built-out, there will be 465 lots!

Boulder Canyon-this project is adjacent to Boulder Bridge Pass III and is in the preliminary plat stage for 134 lots. See preliminary plat (left).

SWC Tangerine & Thornydale-The subject parcel is currently zoned R-144 and the proposed to go to a mix-used zoning with 97 homes on 30.4 acres, 256 multi-family units in 12.1 acres and 38,000 sq. ft. of retail and a drive-thru restaurant (2,200 sq. ft). This is on the southwest corner of Tangerine and Thornydale and adjacent to Sky Ranch. TA has requested Marana to have the project proponent conduct a neighborhood meeting regarding this project. See Preliminary site plan above.

TA reported on Madarina On Tangerina one year ago. The project is a proposed mixed-use development on 342 acres at the intersection of Tangerine Road and the I-10/Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) Corridor (see map above). The project is proposed to include up to 2,500 residential units (single family detached, single family attached and multi-family) and commercial units including retail, hotels and more. Infrastructure construction has started.


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