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TA Tidbits #12-Happy Trails

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Hi everyone. Thought you would like a little musical trails nostalgia from happier times to cheer you up. I am sure you'll be singing "Happy Trails" in the shower or on a hike for the next several weeks! All together now!


Here is the latest on trails in our region:

Alamo Springs Trail

Hiked the Alamo Springs Trail this morning. Took the the Spur Trail-Wild Burro (WB) Trail back to the WB Trailhead. The Alamo Springs Trail traverses the east side of Burro Canyon/Wash and today's hike had a total elevation gain of 1,118'. Not too shabby! It is a beautiful hike. See photo of Wild Burro Wash (right) from the trail. See 3-D Hike Video (play at 128 speed or higher) for more details.

CAP Trailhead & I-10 Trail Bridge

Back in March (see Good Connections), we reported that Marana Parks & Recreation (MPR) and Pima County Natural Resources Parks & Recreation (PC-NRPR) were collaborating regarding the planning, design and construction of portions of the proposed CAP Trail System in Pima County.

We can report that the new CAP Trailhead near Tangerine/I-10 is complete but will not be opened until some Tangerine Road access issues are addressed. More to come on this.

Also, PC-NRPR has indicated in its Trail Times #10 that they have applied for a $6 million Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant to design and construct a trail bridge across the I-10 near Tangerine to connect the CAP Trail System with trails on the west side of I-10. TA submitted a letter of recommendation for this project.

Marana Parks & Recreation Master Plan 2020-2030

TA reported on the Stakeholder Meeting in August and we continue to monitor this important activity. We are expecting a draft final master plan before the end of 2020.

Tortolita Preserve Partners

TA reported in TA Tidbits #10 that the TP Partners (TA, Marana Parks & Recreation (MPR), Marana PD, Southern Arizona Trailriders, Tucson Rough Riders and Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists) continue to work on illegal OHV and cattle access into the Tortolita Preserve.

We can report that MPR, Marana PD and Town Attorney have been in contact with the Arizona State Land Department and discussions are underway to get rancher to remove water tank and cattle out of TP. Recently, there seems to be less cattle in the TP but time will tell. We hope to get update from Marana this week.

Also, OHV illegal access has been minimal in the last few months.


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