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TA Tidbits #8-HOT Topics!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Saguaros At Daybreak-Upper Javelina Trail (8/9/20)


Here are some HOT Topics!

Marana Election Results

The following table shows the latest vote tallies from the 8/4/20 election. Jackie Craig remains the clear winner and there was overwhelming support (78%) for the Make Marana 2040 General Plan. The Town Council is scheduled to approve a resolution adopting the election results on 8/18/20. Jackie will be sworn in after the General Election in November.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and supported Jackie's candidacy and the two propositions!

La Puerta del Norte East Annexation Public Hearing (8/18/20)

TA has previously reported (TA Alert-7/13/20) and commented (Comment Letter-7/13/20) on this proposed annexation by KB Homes near the El Rio Preserve.

This proposed annexation is located adjacent to the El Rio Preserve and impacts a biological and cultural sensitive area. The proposal includes some high density housing and has some water infrastructure and developer concession concerns. In addition, TA believes this annexation should be not be considered until several key master plans outlined in the Make Marana 2040 General Plan are completed.

A Public Hearing will be held at the 8/18/20 Town Council Meeting. TA has prepared a new Comment Letter-8/15/18 and will be attending the Public Hearing (Item A1).

You can help by sending an email of support for TA Comments to the Town Clerk and/or attending/commenting at the Town Council Meeting/Hearing on-line.


July 2020 was the hottest July on record in Tucson with an average temperature of 91.5 F (4.5 F above normal). August is heading in the same direction.

There has been scant monsoonal rainfall in the Dove Mountain area this summer. An article entitled "Non-Soon" by the Arizona Department of Water Resources gives more details on the drought.

The worsening drought supports Part XI-Conclusions and Recommendations in the Know Your H2O Series located at the Water page on this website.


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